Our Story

We created this website in order to bring undiscovered, amazing, original talent to the world.  AWOLMUSIC.COM will support these artists and their efforts with marketing and advertising to the best of our ability and will work to insure that the artist makes the lion's share of the money.  When an artist puts their songs on other distribution sites, the site may do basic screening of the content of music but they are not promoting or advertising individual artists and there is really no quality standard, plus they charge the artist an exorbitant amount of money for distribution for placing the artists music on their site and often the artists risk losing their rights to their work.  In essence other sites do not support the artist, they use the artist as a profit center.  We at Awol Music do not want to make money off of an artist but rather make money with them, together as a team.  There is so much great music from talented artists that is AWOL from the world because the artist doesn't know where to go or who to trust.  It is our MISSION to bring that missing AWOLMUSIC.com front and center!
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Tina Abeel


David Holman